Fotos antigas de Guerra.


An abandoned Jadtiger, 1940s

German soldiers during World War 2, 1914-1918 


Historical Photos (40 pics)


A man and his Penny Farthing, Early 1900s

3Historical Photos (40 pics)

1932, Hungary, Cowboys in sheepskin and a horse center around a well in the puszta 

4Historical Photos (40 pics)

An American F-105 warplane is shot down and the pilot ejects and opens his parachute. Taken by North Vietnamese photograper Mai Nam in September 1966 near Vinh Phuc, north of Hanoi

5Historical Photos (40 pics)

Yuri Gagarin in the cockpit of a Vickers Viscount airliner belonging to British European Airways (BEA) during his trip to England [379× 500] July 1961
6Historical Photos (40 pics)
A Sherman tank of the 2nd Armored Irish Guards rammed a King Tiger of 21st Panzer Div. in the rear, disabling both, before capturing it’s crew. – Operation Goodwood, July 18th 1944
7Historical Photos (40 pics)
Two border patrol officers attempt to keep a fugitive in the US, 1920s
8Historical Photos (40 pics)
The Boeing B17 “Wee Willie” has its left wing blown off by flak over Crantenburg, Germany. April 10, 1945
9Historical Photos (40 pics)
Belgrano sinking after being torpedoed by HMS Conqueror
10Historical Photos (40 pics)
Worker at carbon plant, Texas, 1942
11Historical Photos (40 pics)
Faro and Doris Caudill, Pie Town, New Mexico, 1940 (1020×760) Library of Congress collection
12Historical Photos (40 pics)
American Marines in hard fighting on Iwo Jima using a captured Japanese machine-gun
13Historical Photos (40 pics)
American women in aeronautics class held at Washington High School, Los Angeles, California, United States, Nov 1942; Ralph Angar was the instructor
14Historical Photos (40 pics)
Canadian soldiers land on Courseulles Beach in Normandy, on June 6, 1944
15Historical Photos (40 pics)
Tumbled over truck with gin in Arnhem, The Netherlands, 1952
16Historical Photos (40 pics)
German soldiers demonstrate how to defend a trench with hand grenades, near Verdun, 1917
17Historical Photos (40 pics)
Prisoners of War, World War One, 1917
18Historical Photos (40 pics)
Jesse Owens on the podium at the 1936 Berlin Olympics, after winning one of his four gold medals at the games – 1936
19Historical Photos (40 pics)
Adolf Hitler attending memorial service of Polish First Marshall Jozef Pilsudski in Berlin, 1935. This is the only time that Fuhrer has attended a holy mass as a leader of the Third Reich
20Historical Photos (40 pics)
Preparing for an assault on a warehouse in Stalingrad, most likely in the later part of 1942
21Historical Photos (40 pics)
Canadian Soldiers rest during the Battle of Caen and play the guitar. (June-August 1944)
22Historical Photos (40 pics)
Driver of a Bugatti Type 13 has a bit of a mishap 1920s
23Historical Photos (40 pics)
Two members of the 1st Punjab Cavalry in 1893
24Historical Photos (40 pics)
Two German Soldiers, February 1913
25Historical Photos (40 pics)
Loggers use dynamite to split a log into movable pieces. Arcata, California, late 1940’s
26Historical Photos (40 pics)
Three soldiers in Korea, June, 1952
27Historical Photos (40 pics)
The Twin Towers Under construction 1971
28Historical Photos (40 pics)
Bren Gunner 1940s
29Historical Photos (40 pics)
US soldiers fighting during the Battle of Belleau Wood, 1918
30Historical Photos (40 pics)
A Japanese artist tattoos a pattern to a customer’s back, 1955
31Historical Photos (40 pics)
Filipinos surrendering to US soldiers during the Philippine-American war, ca. 1899-1902
32Historical Photos (40 pics)
The Grand Staircase of Titanic 1911-1912
33Historical Photos (40 pics)
The Empress Dowager Cixi in sedan chair surrounded by eunuchs, China, Qing dynasty, 1903-1904
34Historical Photos (40 pics)
A 17 year-old Pele on a street of Sweden before the 1958 World Cup
35Historical Photos (40 pics)
Thomas Jefferson at Mount Rushmore under construction, 1939 
36Historical Photos (40 pics)
Soviet soldiers in Stalingrad playing with a cat, late 1942, early 1943
37Historical Photos (40 pics)
Tom Waits on a crowded street (1976)
38Historical Photos (40 pics)
Soviet Union soldiers raising the flag on the roof of Reichstag building in Berlin, Germany in May, 1945
39Historical Photos (40 pics)
Soviet soldiers pose in front of a crashed Nazi plane after liberating Sevastopol. May 1944
40Historical Photos (40 pics)